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I finished recording my record yesterday woohoo!!! Can’t wait to get it mixed and mastered and y’all to hear it! I LOVE the record! So so happy 🙂
We had a show tonight in North Dakota and it was a great crowd! On our way to Minneapolis for another show and to meet Melissa Peterman’s family ….I hope they’re all like her because that means lunch will be awesome and very funny!

Good night,
Kelly 🙂


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Recording with Ryan went really well! I can’t wait for y’all to hear it, it’s called ‘if I can’t have you’. I was talking to a few fans tonight and they were saying how much they couldn’t wait to hear my new album and believe me when I say that I am just as excited for y’all to hear the new album as well! We’ve worked really hard on it and honestly I’m excited to hear what y’all think!
Well I am off to bed. I’m sleepy.


ASCAP Country Awards and other things

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Reno was awesome! I can’t wait for this weekend. I am having so much fun with this tour! Thank y’all for coming out!
Last night I went to the ASCAP Country Awards and I had a great time! I thought I was only performing. I didn’t know I was winning an award so that was an awesome surprise! It was at the Ryman here in Nashville and if you haven’t ever been to the Ryman, I seriously suggest going to a show there. The acoustics and history of that building are unbelievable!
Tomorrow I’m recording one last song with Ryan Tedder for my new record and it’s my favorite song I’ve done with him so I’m pretty stoked about recording it! I love this record! I hope y’all like it!
I have to go fix my car now, flat tire ….sadness 😦



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I had so much fun in Utah! The fans in Utah are crazy fun and were up on their feet the whole show! Thank y’all so much for coming out! We are on our way to Reno now, which means we’re all about to lose money so woohoo!



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Boise was awesome! Fun crowd! Thank y’all so much for coming out tonight if you were here! I am super sleepy, see y’all tomorrow for the people coming to Utah!

Peace out

on the road again ….

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well i’m on tour with reba again and had to take a stop in texas for my friend’s wedding. wedding receptions are the best! what’s not to love about wine and dancing ha! 

i have been M.I.A for a bit so to play quick ‘catch up’ i am currently addicted to the new tv series ‘true blood’, i am reading ‘the shack’, my new game of choice is ‘backgammon’ (which reba taught me and is constantly kicking my butt at) i am listening to ‘the black keys’ a lot, and i can’t wait for the next presidential debate tomorrow night! 


i’m gonna try and blog more because fans keep asking me to ….i’m not good with commitment but i will try haha 🙂

while i was M.I.A i took a little trip to europe. here’s a pic of me, on a boat, in the mediterranean sea. it was beautiful!

right on,




kc in the mediterranean sea

kc in the mediterranean sea