happy holidays!!

so i’ve been in texas since ending the tour. i’ve been hanging with family during the holidays and i made my first turkey with my sister this year ….which is kind of hilarious seeing as how i haven’t eaten meat in over a year, but it was fun to make. and by fun, i mean our turkey was awesome and everything but i’ll never do it again. it was freakin’ exhausting!! i had to wake up at 5 in the morning, the night before we had to brine the dang thing, and oh my lord i’ll never do it again. my sister and i made the ENTIRE meal and i gotta be honest it gave me a whole new respect for housewives because it was just tiring!! all the cleaning and cooking and baking and watching babies! now that i’m done complaining i will tell you that my sister and i had a competition with my brother and his girlfriend on who was gonna make the best turkey and well, was there any doubt …..you should never challenge the ‘clarkson’ women, we always dominate ….it’s what we do. 

anyway, just waiting for all the songs for the new album to be mixed and mastered. it’s pretty much taking forever but i want it done right so i’m not gonna rush them ….too much 🙂

i’ve been listening to pink’s new album, which i love! i have come to the conclusion that she is possibly one of the greatest talents of our generation. if you don’t have her new album you should get it ….favorites of mine are ‘please don’t leave me’, ‘bad influence’, ‘crystal ball’, and ‘mean’. i don’t think it’s possible for her to come out with something bad because her voice is like a classic story, you just wanna freakin’ hear it over and over again! brandi carlile also has that voice, so great!

i saw the movie ‘australia’ tonight with a friend and i mean wow ….god did good when he made hugh jackman! it was kind of long but i loved the movie! of course you can’t really go wrong with baz luhrmann, nicole kidman and hugh jackman but this little kid that was in the movie stole the show. he was so adorable!

also just want to say thank you again to all the fans who came out and supported the ‘2 worlds, 2 voices’ tour! it was by far the highlight of my life sharing a stage with reba! y’all have no idea how cool reba really is! it’s awesome to grow up loving someone for their talent and then getting to know and love them more as a friend later in life ….i owe the big guy upstairs a lot for that one because that was totally something i prayed for when i was a kid ….okay, mushy moment over haha 🙂

hope y’all are taking time to chill and slow down for the holidays! …..and if you aren’t maybe you should play hookie tomorrow and sleep in …..i’m just sayin’



kelly 🙂

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