so i recently went to adele’s concert and she is amazing!! i love her album but hearing her voice live is definitely something everyone should go and hear! her lower register sends chills up my spine and she nails high notes that sound effortless and emotional, she’s crazy awesome! if you haven’t seen her live, please do, you will thank me 🙂

and a great irish band ‘the script’ opened for her and they’re killer as well! very musical and very cool. 3 out of 4 guys sang almost the entire show (the drummer and guitarist did some awesome harmonies) and it was really a great show! i’ve been listening to their album for a while  (my sister turned me on to them) and was very excited when i learned that they were opening up for adele! whoever paired these acts together should win some kind of prize because the crowd loved the show and they compliment each other very well!


i also recently walked with some friends for a march of dimes event ‘march for babies’ in nashville and even though it rained and my pants were soaked haha it was amazing to meet all of these kids, parents and staff that are so dedicated and really inspired to help out! i met so many kids that worked the event and i was so proud of them because i never even knew about helping out or doing charity work like they’re doing at such a young age! it was awesome to be a part of! i hope y’all know that even if you don’t have money you can always be a part of simple things like ‘walks’ for whatever cause you are inspired by and it means the world to people that are affected by the event and the people who are trying to shine a light on it. everyone there helped shine a light on a very worthy cause so thank you if you walked or sent money or were simply praying for the kids and parents that are being helped.

oh and major side note, nicole kidman was at the walk and she might be one of the most chill celebrities i’ve ever met! she has no airs about her and was so sweet to my friends and everyone there that day. super cool chick! i love meeting successful people who are genuinely good people at heart. it’s inspiring. oh yeah, and if you were curious about what it would feel like to have your picture taken with nicole kidman ….well, it’s pretty much the most humbling experience ever because she’s so breathtakingly beautiful ….so that was fun haha!

alright, well i am off to bed. i have a show here in boston tomorrow (or technically today 🙂 and i need to get some sleep. see y’all! oh and i just love freakin boston man! after seven years of touring here and visting, it is still one of my favorite places ever! maybe not in the winter but definitely the other 3 seasons 🙂


Kelly 🙂

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