Merry Christmas!!

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to say hello and hope y’all are having a great Christmas 🙂 So far my day has consisted of feeding and watering horses, slipping on my butt in A LOT of mud (thanks to all the pretty snow that came our way and then turned to crappy slush), playing with my dogs, opening some awesome presents from family and friends, and getting beat by my 7 year old nephew at the game Sorry ….very embarrassing, yet a reality. We just finished up my tour here in the U.S., in New Orleans (had an incredible end of tour party there, thank you New Orleans), and had an awesome tour run here in the states! I love my band and crew! They work so hard and are amazing people! I recorded a christmas song for my mom during the last show, for one of her presents this year, and it turned out alright so I’m gonna try and post it for y’all. I sang “I’ll be home for Christmas” and it’s not too bad so I thought y’all might want to have it since I don’t have a christmas cd or anything. Hopefully my internet works long enough out here in the sticks for me to be able to post it. I have come to the conclusion that I pissed off the internet gods and they hate me so we’ll see what happens 🙂 Thanks for all the support this year! Without y’all I wouldn’t get to do what I love ….which would suck.


(the girl who loves run-on sentences 🙂 KC

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